Thursday, January 18, 2007

Are you an Alpha?

Conference Board Review asked me to review Alpha Male Syndrome (HSBP) by Kate Ludeman & Eddie Erlandson, the founders of Worth Ethic Corp down in Austin. The best part of the assignment was the free online assessment the authors are offering on their website. It supposedly tells you whether and what kind of alpha (fe)male you are, and your alpha strengths and weaknesses.

As usual with any kind of business-related personality assessment, I totally failed. I'm down in the dregs of the Alpha Male barrel. Seriously, I scored 4.1 out of 100 in the overall alphadom. Even non-Alphas kick sand on me. Better yet, my score improves significantly when you just consider Alpha Male flaws. So, basically, when the chips are down, I can make matters worse. Hey ho, who wants to be an Alpha anyway.

But try it for yourself. It's really worth the 15 minutes, it's good for laughs, and who knows you might get lucky and learn something about yourself.

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