Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The happiest place on earth?

The 2006 General Social Survey from the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago is out. It's the most comprehensive survey of employee satisfaction and happiness. (Press release here.)

So who's most happy? Clergy (67 percent very happy), firefighters, and transportation ticket and reservation agents (both 57 percent very happy). I find that last one hard to believe based on my experiences at airports.

Who's most unhappy? Garage and service station attendants (13 percent reported being happy), roofers (14 percent), and molding and casting machine operators (11 percent). That I can believe. I once spent a month trying to stay awake while carving plastic parts -- their purpose shall remain a mystery to me forever -- on a lathe. Other most unhappy workers include construction laborers, welfare service aides, amusement and recreation atendants...wait, you mean all those folks who work at the happiest place on earth are actually unhappy?

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