Sunday, June 22, 2008

Better late than...

I just posted my first entry in nine months, so to offer "I've been busy" as an excuse for abandoning this blog seems a stretch. But it's all I've got.

I blame Art Kleiner. In addition to my freelance work and ghostwriting, I joined strategy+business, Booz & Company's publishing unit, as a half-time editor of books last September at his invitation. This is as close as I've been to real job for 20-odd years, so it has required some adjustment in lifestyle. It has also been an amazing experience: editing other writers and working with the highly professional s+b staff has taught me a lot about the craft; exposure to expert Booz & Company consultants specializing in areas such as human capital, marketing, manufacturing, sourcing, and M&A has taught me a lot about business.

In short, it's been great and I've got tons to blog about. So, I'm gonna try to post more regularly...really.

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