Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Learning from heretics

I didn't get a chance to post when the new, expanded edition of Art Kleiner's The Age of Heretics (Jossey-Bass), a very readable history of the influence of a handful of radical thinkers on management from the 1940s onward, hit the shelves. But now is as good as time as any, especially since Art will be conducting a free webinar based on the book next week. Here are the details:

The Age of Heretics: Lessons from Three Generations of Management Thinkers with Art Kleiner

Join strategy+business editor Art Kleiner in a live interactive webinar as he discusses the nature of effective leadership in times of change.

The most valuable management principles and practices often started as countercultural – including high performance management, group dynamics, teamleadership, quality, and diversity. In this Webinar, Art Kleiner will discuss the nature of corporations and the role of the heretics – the people who raise difficult questions on behalf of the organizations they work for. These days, with conventional wisdom failing, heretics are needed more than ever. Art will tell the stories of heretics who succeeded (and some who failed), and what we can learn from them.

Date and time: February 24, 2009 12:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time

To sign up: click this link

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