Thursday, March 2, 2017

RSA 2017: 5 Takeaways From the Biggest Cybersecurity Conference

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WSJ.CustomStudios, March 2, 2017

by David B. Burg and Grant Waterfall, PwC

The annual RSA Conference acts like a microcosm of the global cybersecurity ecosystem: everyone’s there, and it’s as kinetic and chaotic as the industry itself. Yet the industry’s biggest cybersecurity conference also provides some valuable insights, as we recently found.

Since returning from RSA in mid February, where PwC maintained a lively presence amid the hubbub, we’ve condensed our takeaway into five key points:

Efficiency: A record 43,000 information security professionals attended this year’s RSA, roaming 550 vendor booths and choosing among more than 500 educational sessions to attend. As the cybersecurity world continues to expand and grow in importance and relevance, this event continues to grow as well — just five years ago, only 17,000 information security professionals attended RSA, according to the event managers. So for anyone who wants to find out just about anything about cybersecurity, it’s all there. Someone new to the cybersecurity and privacy industry could theoretically cram months of research and learning into just a few days in San Francisco. Read the rest here.

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