Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nice Pando

I signed up for an account at Pando yesterday and in minutes, was set up to send a couple of 30-40 MB audio files recorded during a recent meeting to Sharon Lee Harkey at Purple Shark Transcriptions. Pando offers upgraded services for a price, but the stripped-down free account will handle files up to 1 GB, which is fine for my needs right now.

It's a great service. You download their software, which enables you to upload any file you want to share to their servers and send notification emails with a link to whoever you want to download them. It worked right the first time out and I didn't even have to read the FAQs to figure it out.

Pando competes with a few other similar services, but to be honest, I can't figure out why the niche exists at all. I get all this bandwidth from my cable internet provider, but for some reason, still can't send files bigger than a handful of MBs via email. Why is that anyway?

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