Sunday, March 18, 2007

What apologies?

Friday afternoon was not a good time to be in the Cleveland airport and heading east. The NY flights were all cancelled. But I got lucky, the really bad weather didn't extend down to Richmond.

The 20-minute delay caused when our plane was late from Indianapolis didn't bother me at all. We made it onto the plane and thru de-icing and then, the hydraulics that control the right side of the plane failed. Back to the terminal, where the mechanics were supposed to fix us up. Then, we got de-planed (it was a cold on Cleveland's tarmac), sent back thru the terminal to another gate to catch another plane. Got there, no plane, sent back where we came from. A plane finally did arrive and we left three hours late.

That's actually not too bad compared to what the New Yorkers went thru. But then I saw this NYT article, which focuses mainly on Southwest Airlines, about how all the airlines are suddenly big on apologies. Well, Continental is not one of them. We got a few perfunctory 'sorrys' here and there (sorry, but your plane just laid down and died) but that's about it. The flight attendant who sent us up and down the terminal in pursuit of a new plane never mentioned it. So I guess the real apology is in the mail?

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